Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Miniature Purple Wire Basket

I just finished a miniature twined wire basket and got it listed in my Artfire shop here: Purple basket It's my first listing on Artfire and I'm glad I figured out how to get it off and running. At first I was just getting error pages so I was getting worried, but then I restarted my computer and it uploaded just fine. On Artfire you can list 10 items for sale for free. Or they have a special right now where you can get a flat fee of $7.00 a month for life. Then again, who knows how many years any new web business will be up and running? For people that list to Etsy daily it's a better deal, but I don't spend $7.00 a month listing on Etsy so I'm not as motivated to sign up for the paid account. We'll see.

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