Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crochet a Flower Scarf and Knitting on Jumbo Needles

Today I had to find a crochet project that would keep me busy at the archery gathering. So I decided to design a flower scarf. Unfortunately I wasn't very lucid when we left this morning and only grabbed muted blue, muted gray, purple and ombre yarn in firey yellows, reds and oranges. Not quite the best choice for flowers, but it's just a prototype anyway so I went with it. Each flower has 8 petals, so I can most easily join them above and below and side by side. Four petals would work but wouldn't be very posh looking, and an odd number would make it hard to link the design together. This time I did remember to write down the pattern and make diagrams so I don't forget how to do it later. I got about 12 flowers done before I needed to move onto something else.

I also started a garter stitch scarf on big needles in purple and blue. It was getting too cold to crochet and the bigger knitting needles were easier to hang on to, though they were as cold as popsicles when I first picked them up.

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