Monday, December 22, 2008

Loom Knitting and Crocheting Hats

I woke up to a rainy day, perfect for crafting. I've been studying my 3 loom knitting guides because I need to do a tutorial on removing projects from the loom. The books lean heavily on using a crochet hook to do so, and I'm not sure why but many knitters seem to be allergic to crochet hooks. Most of the techniques can be done with a yarn needle as well, it's just a little harder to get into tight spots but it can be done.

I also want to make a tutorial on crocheting hats. Threadbanger just did one and I feel I can make one that looks the same without all the tedious counting. Counting slows down progress. Sometimes there is no getting around the counting, but if there is a way that you can just move smoothly along rather than checking a chart after every row, it stands to reason that it will be quicker to complete the project.

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