Friday, July 26, 2013

Wrapping Up My Vacation Early

Yesterday I worked on my assemblage box and used glitter glue to add two hearts; one a heart with beads embedded in the red glue, and one a heart made of red glitter glue that is pretty enough to stand on it's own.

It was hot out by the pool, so I found a spot in the shade and worked on a pink and gray and black hat for my granddaughter and it will also be a prototype for my Etsy shop. Every day it seems I have new Etsy followers, so I'd like to add more inventory as soon as I get home from my vacation. Anyway, I got so little sleep last night, I found myself nodding off while knitting, so I laid my head on the table and fell fast asleep. And here I am up at 5 AM again because I'm too anxious to sleep.

I haven't gotten around to even half my projects and I'm cutting my vacation a week short, so I probably won't do much more crafting. We are spending today at Laguna Beach and they are driving me home (hopefully on Sat.) if they can fit it into their schedule. My friends are self employed too and their schedule can change often and suddenly. They work really hard and I hope prosperity finds it's way to them. I've learned from watching them they I'm not working nearly hard enough myself, so if I ever get home, I intend to remedy that. Depression sucks. It drains every ounce of energy away from me. It's hard to push through when I'm so exhausted from overthinking everything.

I have tons of  photos to post when I get home of my craft projects and grand kids and places I've gone on my trip around CA. Stay tuned.

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