Monday, July 01, 2013

Knitting and Embroidery Update

Horned Baby Hat

Faery Pouch
 Last night I got the ends all sewn in on the knitted yellow baby hat. So I took a photo of it when it was all done.

And I've been busy working on some embroidery. I forgot to take a photo of the hummingbird I'm working on. It's tricky knowing what photos to bring to the library. I'm still working on  pouches as well. I need to put some craft kits together in mini form to take on my summer vacation. I can only carry so much on the train!

We are having a heat wave. Which means it was 109 degrees yesterday and in the triple digits all week. Holy coyote batman!  I had to water my sunflowers 4 times yesterday because they kept wilting. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

As I was going through boxes that  have been stored for over a decade, I found a lot more embroidery floss just when I needed it. As far as I know that stuff seems to last a very long time. I've never found old floss that was in such bad shape I couldn't use it. It's 100% cotton and seems pretty indestructable.

Even so, I may need to get more shades of green. I never seem to have enough!

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