Monday, July 08, 2013

Under the Oaks

The Amtrak Surfliner delivered me safely to San Luis Obispo last night. We were even about 20 minutes early. I guess the crew wanted to get home after the last run of the day. Because of the 4th of July, it is one of Amtrak's busiest travel days. Remind me not to take the train during a four day weekend next time!

Sweet little Maggie looked great in the yellow knit hat I made. I'll have to get some photos of her tomorrow. I started a new hat on the train with variegated pink/gray/and black yarn. I worked on it a bit at Bru's coffee while my daughter ran her errands.

This morning I  painted under the oaks en plein aire. I almost finished the painting. When it is light out tomorrow, I'll do the last of the detail work and hopefully start a new painting outdoors. A bird tried to land on my painting.

It's so nice to have weather that is not so oppressive that I have to plan everything I do around it.
And my daughter's new car has air conditioning, so it's a whole different world than driving around in our truck at home that is like sitting in an oven since we don't have air conditioning. Yes, we can roll the windows down, but the desert air is like a blast furnace blowing in when it's 109 out.

I'm trying to pick up some extra face painting or balloon art gigs while I'm up here. So if you need someone in SLO County, give me a holler. I'm booked on the 13, but that leaves every other day open for other gigs up until July 22. Being summer, most other entertainers will be booked up, so that leaves a chance for me to pick up some last minute parties.

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