Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Vacation

I'm enjoying some excellent company, some fine sharing of stories, and the cutest little bedroom to sleep in. And most importantly, computer access to my online world of friends. Once I wake up a bit and my eyes focus, I brought many projects with me to work on. And since I'm getting a ride home in a car or truck at some point, I can work on more bulky things that I wouldn't be able to take on the train. Like a assemblage box I want to make. I have some of the parts but I don't have the box yet.

I got a little homesick looking at photos of my garden this morning. The snake gourds are growing like crazy. Then I realized that might not be my home for much longer and that just made me sad. So I am trying to keep my emotions under control and enjoy what is supposed to be my vacation, but hasn't quite turned out to be relaxing and trouble free.

The nature of life is change, so I just need to buckle my seatbelt and hang on for the ride.

I need to build myself up so I can survive other people tearing me down.

It's going to be hot today. I'm sipping iced tea for breakfast. I'm hungry and I'm not sure when breakfast happens around here. Everyone leaped out of bed and went to work. I'm the only one on vacation so I feel like a lay-about. Ha!

I may have to mention I'm hungry or resort to eating the M&Ms in my suitcase for breakfast. Right? Right.

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