Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Listening to son-in-law reading Cat in the Hat to my grandson. #priceless
Today I worked on beading overlooking the lovely Los Osos bay in the misty morning. I finished a pair of right angle earrings, but I need better directions for the beaded daisy chain and I've already forgotten how to make the beaded Cheyenne earrings. Or my beads were too irregular. So I need to look up some references. I'm always amazed that I can make dozens of something and then forget just how to do it a few months later.

Hopefully after the grandkids are in bed I can work on the pink knitted hat I started on the train. The days are so full; I haven't gotten as many crafts done. I did paint on Monday and Tuesday. I decided not to paint today and do beading instead.

I was so tired of triple digits so I enjoyed my morning in the fog and my daughter's home with air conditioning. It makes life much more pleasant when you are not fighting the elements.

Speaking of which, today 'dad' made an odd noise from the kitchen and I told my grandson 'that sounds just like an elephant'.  The next thing I know he's trying to open the blinds and look in the driveway.  "What are you doing," I asked? "I want to see the elephant," he said.

I have been thinking of crocheting some more plushy elephants though.

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