Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bit of Knitting

My best laid plans of doing a lot of crafting went by the wayside since my grandchildren pretty much demand energy. My grandson made 4 paintings on his easel. Then we had a big water party to clean up.

During his gymnastics class I got some knitting done on Maggie's pink hat. I worked on it on and off throughout the day. I also did some kumihimo. Still working on the yellow and black cordage.

My daughter took some photos of her daughter wearing the yellow horned hat I knitted so I'd have something to post in my Etsy shop.

I got my train ticket for Monday, when I'll be going to southern CA to visit another artist. So I'm sure we'll get to do some crafting once I'm settled in at her place for a little while.

With any luck I'll also go to the SLO Ren Faire. Which means I need  to get busy making garb for my grandson before Sat. Hopefully I'll get to do that tomorrow. As usual, my schedule is all full.

I recently added beads to this hat and I'll probably wear it to the Ren fair on Saturday.

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