Saturday, August 03, 2013

Working on a Pattern For a Baby Hat

It is quite pleasant outside on this Saturday morning. After I watered the plants in the front yard, I sat on the porch to work on a hat I designed. This is the 2nd go round, so I can write the pattern as I knit. It's a lot more tedious that way, but I want to sell the pattern on Etsy, so I need to do a careful job of it. From now on, when I design something and I like the way it comes out, I'm going to write a pattern up for it and post it on Etsy or Ravelry. I get asked for patterns all the time. And I meant to do this long ago, back when I was making tutorials for AllFreeKnittng and AllFreeCrochet. They wanted me to post the patterns for free and I told them no. I need to make a living just like everyone else.

So with any luck, my first pattern will be of this long tailed baby hat meant to be used as a photo prop or a costume piece, like the baby could wear to a Renaissance Faire under constant supervision.

Of course if you just want to buy a hat from my Etsy shop, that's great too. I'll have some listed soon or you can make a custom order.

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend too.

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