Saturday, August 17, 2013

Patchwork and the Summer Sun

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What is a girl to do when it is 102 degrees out and the coolest place to hide is 3 feet in front of the cooler? She works on paper patchwork applique of course. I've made about 15 of the little hexagons and about 10 pentagons from assorted fabric from my Zakka collection. I think my first project will to be to sew some on the flap of a messenger bag. I also moved my computer desk today so I'd have a bit more workspace. I was playing bumper cars with the chair at the other desk. We were both getting annoyed, so I put more space between us. I had a much bigger desk at the old house so I'll have to see about solving that dilemma.

The view from my desk. Scrub Jay.

I rented a metal container so I'd have lots and lots of workspace and so I could get all of the crafts out of the house. I failed to take into account that in the winter it gets cold in that metal box and the sun goes down at 5 PM and in the summer (which seems to have started in March and is still going through August) its just too bloody hot to work out there without frying my brains. So now I mostly work in the house. Which makes sewing difficult because the sewing machine is out there in the container and there is no room for anything else in the house. Every day I try to get more stuff out of here, not put more stuff in here.

His container. Mine is next to it but looks the same.

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