Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kumihimo Watchband

It was hot out but some clouds were appearing so I decided to work outside and make
jewelry under the shade cloth awning.  About an hour into it I have bins, books, boxes, bags, and tools everywhere. I'd just finished putting a kumihimo watchband on a watch when it started to sprinkle. So I thought maybe I should put away anything I wasn't going to need in the next two hours. I'd barely loaded half of it back into the storage container when the wind started blowing and rain started to fall. So I made a mad dash to throw everything back inside and grabbed one bin of beadwork to work on inside the house.

Then I closed the gate so nothing would blow out into the street and scattered birdseed under the bushes so the birds could eat even if it started to pour.

For 3 days the forecast said rain. Today (day 4) I finally decide to work outside and it pours. #honestly #figures

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