Friday, August 23, 2013

Straightening Out My Etsy Shops.

Tonight I worked on two of my Etsy shops. The older one is called Pigglewiggins and the newer one is called Hypnotic.  Etsy has changed so much and has so many new features, they I had to update a lot of  parts. Even my address was out of date. I renewed a few listings and plan to add new stuff soon. Since I moved, I have to do a visual check to make sure I still have the items I'm listing and they aren't still packed away somewhere. Lucky most of my creations won't break; its just a matter of finding them, and making sure they are ready to ship to their new home. Some of the bigger items I had to give away because there was no room on the moving van. So I need to make some new gourd items. Paintings rarely sell (unfortunately) and I didn't give any of those away, so I'm sure I have all of those stored in my closet. I may just break down and sell them all at a yard sale, or I may relist them on Etsy. So if you remember anything you were dying to have, make me an offer. Canvas paintings sometimes cost a lot to ship so keep that in mind.

Zentangle by Fayme Harper

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