Sunday, December 23, 2012

Starting a Shawl

I enjoyed a day with friends in my old neighborhood. We got home, fed some horses, picked up the poinsettia our cat had knocked off a high shelf and had a quick dinner of sliced ham and mac and cheese. Somewhere in all that I went to the Michael's in Victorville and raided their yarn sale. Unfortunately the yarn needles weren't on sale.  Seriously, $30 for knitting needles? I'm going to go through my crafts bin yet again and make sure I don't have those sizes, and if I do I'm taking the ones I bought back for a refund. But they are circular knitting needles and the only ones that were the size I needed were the expensive Clover brand.

I got more yarn for the Jayne hats and more yarn for the shawl I started last night. I got some white wool in the hopes that I can dye my own yarn for some of the shawl colors. The shawl will have over 30 colors, and I don't want to buy 30 skeins of yarn, so I'm going to try dyeing some of it. I rarely buy wool yarn so I can't raid my stash for all the colors I need. I worked on the shawl all the way to Fullerton and at my friend's house as well. I'd like to work on it some more tonight if I can get over the drowsies. It took Blogger so long to load on our dial-up connection, that I dozed off half a dozen times before it opened. If I'd stop buying craft supplies I could afford the $50 a month that getting a satellite connection would cost me. I must increase my income!

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