Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rainy Day and Snowy Night

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain against my window. The hills around us are dusted with snow. It was a wet day. Too cold to work in the studio so I brought my beads in the house. I finished a new freeform star beaded pin.

We had homemade chicken noodle soup last night and tonight. I'm going to need some warmer clothes. I hope I can whip some up as soon as I get my sewing machine area organized. But I have a feeling I'll just buy a couple of long sleeved flannel shirts before it gets much colder out. I'm not used to having to wear a sweatshirt indoors. Our little wood stove is doing the best it can but it's still cold in here. I need to dig my fingerless gloves out to wear when I'm typing.

On Tuesday we got to go to Anaheim. I visited M&L fabric and got some more stretchy fabric for the steampunk headbands I am working on. I also got to go to Micheal's and replenish my bead inventory. I just missed M&L's 20% off sale by one day. I didn't know I was even going to be near that store or I would have paid more attention.

I wanted to pre-wash all the fabric today that I got at M&L but we no longer have a dryer. And I can't hang the clothes on the clothesline in the rain and wind. Not having a dryer in our new place was my boyfriend's idea, not mine. Now I have to fit my laundry into a narrow window; early in the morning on a warm and sunny day. Rather hard to come by in the winter.

Misty Hills
If you want me to make a reserved listing for any pin or any of my artwork for that matter, let me know.

Bluebeaded felt pin.

Chilly out.

Almost done with this one.

Freeform Star Pin

Tiger eye pin

Misty hills

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