Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knitting Right Along

I hope your holidays were happy ones.

I'm working on the ear flaps of the Jayne hat. I expect to have the whole hat finished tonight. I could have finished last night, but I wanted to work on my knitted shawl as well. I seem to be in knitting mode lately. But at night my fingers get so cold, unless I sit right in front of the wood stove. But then it's too dark to knit. I can't wait until our living room is unpacked and put together. Then the lighting will no doubt be better and we'll have furniture again. We do have an overhead living room light, but with just the two of us we rarely turn it on.

We've been pet sitting. We just aren't sure when the owners are coming home so I guess we'll just keep going until we see a truck in the driveway or they call and say they are home. It's fun though. It's like having a petting zoo.

Guy Feeding Dancer
Dinner Time

Three Red Chickens

A cottontail in our yard.

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