Monday, December 03, 2012

Knit Scarf in Checkerboard Texture

Busy day today. I got my knit scarf posted on Etsy. It only took an hour and a half to list it with my dial-up connection! Kill me now!

Then I went out and worked on some hair ornaments for belly dancing. They are so pretty. I'm going to sew the beaded part onto stretch velour to make them super easy to wear. Velour will hug onto you. I just love it for luxurious head bands.

Thanks to my commentors. Please forgive me for not responding. It's so hard to open  pages with my sucky connection.  Perhaps when I get to use the DSL at the library, I'll be able to find the comments and respond to each of you. Believe me I never would have agreed to live here if I knew I wouldn't have DSL.

Knitted scarf

Pink elephant cloud

Last night's sunset.

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