Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Beaded Felt Heart Pins

I'm at the library trying to fit a week's worth of Internet work into the 3 hours a day the library allows per person. In other words, I get to come here 2 days a week (if I'm lucky) so I have 6 hours worth of computer time, which may seem like a lot to some people, but considering I usually use the Internet 8 hours a day; 6 hours a week isn't much at all. And if there are no computers available at the time, I won't even get that.

So I got two beaded felt hearts listed on Etsy. I got them both done in about 30 minutes at the library, unlike the hour and a half it took me to do one listing yesterday with my home dial-up connection. The library only allows computer time in one hour increments, then if no one is waiting it gives you 15 minutes more at a time. Ugh.  Right now every computer I can see if full. And this one kicks me off in 10 minutes. So I better stop typing and post photos.

Beaded heart with fresh water pearls and gray French knots.

I finished the top heart today and the bottom one a few weeks ago. Both are for sale in my Hypnotic Etsy shop.

Tiles I found in my yard that I'm saving for a mosaic project.

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