Monday, December 24, 2012

Missing Knitting Needles

I had a bit of a knitting crisis last night when the $30 worth of knitting needles weren't in the bag when I got home. Egads!  So we both looked in the truck. No luck. Michael's was already closed but I figured the checker had put them in a second bag that was stuck by the register. So I had to wait until morning to call them. Well, they couldn't find them either and they said there was nothing they could do.

So I looked in the truck again, this time in daylight. The bag was behind the driver's seat. So I leaned in and spotted a Michael's reciept on the other side of the seat by the passenger window. How did it get way over there? So I went to that side and poked around. I found 2 of the needles that had slid out of the bag, all the way under the passenger side seat. I still couldn't find the third set but I went ahead and called Michael's and told them they could stop looking for them.

Then I went back out and open the driver's side door and spotted the missing set tucked up against the right passenger seat between the seats. Whew! Strange drama.

So I'm making speedy progress on knitting the Jayne hat. I just finished the orange bit and I'm working on 12 gold rows.

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