Monday, September 24, 2012

Repairing Purse Straps

Here you can see the poor condition of the original strap and the new braided strap.
 My model asked me to repair a Mexican style leather purse that she found used somewhere. The straps had already broken once, been glued again, and torn again. I thought it would be a quick fix but ended up having to discard the original strap. A friend had given me a bunch of leather cords, so I decided to try braiding a strap instead. My first solution didn't work, because the glue from the last person's repair was in the way and the loop tore when I tried to remove the glue. You can see in the photos the solution I finally came up with. Then it seemed the braid would be a bit rough on the hands, so I sewed some suede leather tubes where the handle is. If she likes the purse I'll see if I can get her to pose for a few photos. She's not home from school today yet I guess. Hopefully we'll get to take the photos today before it gets dark.

Both interior zippers were sticking too, so I put some beeswax on them. It helped a bit, but I wouldn't put anything important in those pockets.

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New straps

Back of purse.

Creative strap solution to handbag or purse.

Back of purse.

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