Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New Batch of Bowsocks

First Guy dyes all the canvas before any sewing.

The finished bow socks waiting for a longbow to go inside.
Yesterday we went to a friend's house so Guy could sew hand-dyed bow socks.  A bow sock is a sleeve you put a longbow in. I wonder why they don't call them bow sleeves?  My part in all these was cutting 36 pieces of ribbon to use as ties, and then touching each end to a flame to keep the ribbon from fraying. I love playing with ribbon! Now they all have to be turned right side out. Thankfully that's not my job.  He does it with the help of a yardstick but it's still a struggle.  So if you are tired of your bow getting beat up in transit, let me know and I'll have him set one aside for you before he puts them up for sale at Great Western War.  The selection is always the best right after a new batch is dyed.  Some colors sell out fast, but there is no way to predict which ones.  This time around the purple is particularly beautiful.

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