Friday, September 28, 2012

Craft Time

Craft time rejuvenates me. If I don't get my craft time, I'm a cranky lady. It takes my focus off my myriad of problems. If I can get lost sewing beads onto a belly dancing costume, or putting feathers on a hat, or sewing a patchwork square, I can't really be thinking about the little 'nasties' in life. Being creative lifts my spirits and keeps me focused in a positive direction.

So proud of my friend Carol, who finished not 1, but 9 viking dresses for Great Western War. Go Carol! Way to embrace National Sewing Month.  Unfortunately I won't be able to go to G.W.W. because of the impending move.  We wanted to get done moving in time to go, but we haven't even found a place to move to yet, so that's kind of the ole wrench in the works. Tomorrow we may drive out to the desert to look again, but we don't have any definite appointments yet.

Sadly we have to take the cat Rocky to the vet this afternoon.  I fear it's a one way trip. So yeah, I'm not in the best of emotional states right now. He's always been a great pet, but right now even touching him makes him bite.  And to think just a month ago he looked great and we didn't even think of him as an old cat until we found some paperwork that said he's about 15 years old.  Maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it by saying 'wow he's in great shape for being that old'.  No sooner than the words were out of my mouth he started that downward spiral.

In other happier news, my daughter #1 and grandson #2 are coming to visit.  They are in the neighborhood while hubby goes to a conference.

I wanted to thank my youtube subscribers. By some miracle I have about 700 of them now.  Where did you all come from? If you didn't even know I was on Youtube, I'll put the link right here: Pigglewiggins.
You know I just fixed my password on there 3 days ago and now it's not working again. What's up with that Youtube?  It wants to sign me into my other account, then when I try to switch it's always a hassle.
Anyway, now you can find me there.

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