Saturday, September 01, 2012

Going Green

Yesterday I begged a ride to Joann's and got the black yarn to finish my witch doll. I looked for pre-made witch hats and they had some but none in the right size or that weren't attached to something else. They did have quite a few dog Halloween costumes, so if that's your thing check them out.

The landscapers were a rude awakening at 8 AM on a Saturday morning, but I'm happy to report we now have an instant green lawn thanks to sod. So I should be able to start doing video tutorials again. I'm not sure how soon I can walk on it and I doubt the Mexicans out there are going to tell us. They're not big on communicating. I think only the foreman speaks English and I haven't seen him around.

I'm just happy it's green out there again. We're still planning to move though so I won't get too attached to it. They said they wanted to replace the old yard with drought resistant landscaping so I wasn't expecting them to put another lawn in. Then again when have they ever done anything the way they said they would.

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