Monday, September 24, 2012

A Bit on Wardrobe Color Theory

Cleaning up clutter can be fruitful. I'm finding all kinds of craft books (and other books) that I forgot I had. I also found some scarves and accessories I never much cared for, and then I realized they'd be perfect for fall.  Let's face it, I don't normally wear earth tones. I'm just not attracted to them much.  Impulsively, everything I own would be either purple or blue or burgundy or black.  Then because my boyfriend practically lives in green and khaki, I started wearing green more (but not khaki). I've been at war with beige for years (tan, sandstone, cream and all similar colors). If you use the color scheme theories from the 70's, I'm a winter, and winter's neutrals are gray, navy, and taupe. You can wear any color you want, just not near your face. I'm not a big fan of brown either, so maybe that's why I never cared for having brown hair.

So wardrobe wise, it usually means I wind up dressing much more colorfully than others (except other artists). But I'm trying to keep a more open mind, and at least in autumn, try out some earth tones. I remember a make-up artist once did me in earth tones for a class demo and the minute it was over I ran to the bathroom and washed it all off.  Ugh. I do look like death warmed over in earth tones.

Ever wonder what colors look good on you? Grab some fabric (blankets, towels, sheets) and drape them around yourself under your chin and over your shoulders. Sitting in natural light, look in a mirror.  Having a friend or two helps, but they will be biased towards their own colors.  The right colors will make you look alive, younger, and healthier.  The wrong colors will make you look like you have zits, skin flaws, and dark circles under your eyes.  Remember those days at school and work where people ask if you are feeling ok? Chances are you were just wearing the wrong colors.

Color combinations I'd like to experiment with:
1. Petal Pink and chocolate brown
2. Sage and Tan
3. Rust and forest green
4. Teal and Charcoal gray
5. Oyster and White

Source: via Theodora on Pinterest

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