Friday, July 06, 2012

Three New Dolls

We were back at our friend's house yesterday teaching part 2 of the arrow making class. While the boys made arrows I cut out more dolls. Unfortunately when I cut out the first 3, I forgot to add seam allowances.  That's what I get for talking and crafting at the same time.

So I put those away to use for applique, and cut out another one with seam allowances and got that one all sewn together.

I gave the first two dolls to my friends but I took photos before so here they are.  They will be the prototypes for my Etsy shop.  If you order now I'll go with $15 per doll custom order.  Once I get them officially listed, that might go up when I figure out how much time this is actually costing me. Click on the photo to see the bigger version.

My friend said he got his just in time. He said  if he'd gotten it a day earlier, he would have beat the stuffings out of it.

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