Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rapier and Archery Practice

It was a very busy weekend. I hardly got to work on my clowny clown doll at all. But today at archery practice, I skipped the archery part and sewed on the clown hair, the hat, the mouth, the eyebrows and the costume trim.  One eye of the clown is made from a fabric button I learned how to make in a mini class on Saturday. Now I'm almost done except for the designer tag.

Juggling silhouette.
I spent Sat. at an SCA rapier championship and fiber play day and Sunday at the archery range in Long Beach and also grocery shopping.  I picked up a sleeping bag for Great Western War at Big Five for $20 on sale. I juggled both Sat. and Sunday and found out some of the rapier guys could juggle too.

Guy Taylor from http://www/

A self portrait.

There was a die with these symbols on it. Whatever the fencer rolled, that was the secondary weapon they used.



Herald and King

Waif with knitted sock monkey.

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