Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goodwill Makes My Day

Unlike the Goodwill's in Orange County, that seem to want new prices for used items, the one in Atascadero still has great deals.  In fact if I'd gone there before I made 4 trips to Beverly's Fabrics, I probably would have saved $40.

Today at Goodwill I bought 2 large zip-lock bags full of sewing notions and trim and tools.  Of the things I had already bought at Beverly's there were plenty of needles and buttons. There were also four tiny pairs of scissors, 2 zippers, a latch hook, a tracing wheel, pins, safety pins, sequin pins, elastic, button covering kits and eyelets. There were five partially filled bottles of glitter, including 3 colors my daughter was out of in her face painting kit. And there was a small bag inside that looked like it had beads in it, when actually it had about 3 yards of beaded trim and red and pink feathers. Each bag of notions was $5.25.

I also picked up a bag of velvet ribbon for $2.25.  You'll see the photo of it once I get home, but it easily had 30 yards of ribbon in it in red, pink, white and more.

I looked for knitting needles and they had about 8 of them but none of them matched.

They also had sewing patterns bundled together. But they didn't pay any mind to matching them by size or design.  So there were home dec patterns mixed in with adult's and children's clothing patterns.  If I sold patterns on Ebay I would have been all over that. I don't remember the price on those, but it was per bundle.  Not more than $5. I don't think.

I had to be careful and not buy anything big because I'm going home by train.  They had a beautiful shallow basket that I think would have been the shape for separating the wheat from the chaff that would have been perfect for our craft booth but awkward to bring home on the train.

Much of what I got can be used on dolls or costume accessories.

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