Saturday, July 21, 2012


I just got back from Lyondemere Anniversary.  What perfect weather at a great shady venue in Long Beach, CA.

I tried to work with my new knitting book, but kept ending up one stitch short so I quit for the day.

I got 6 tickets to the basket raffle and won a set of 4 sketchbooks. I think people mostly picked the handcrafted items, so not that many tickets went into the envelope for the sketchbooks. But I can never have too many sketchbooks so I'm happy I won! I only put $5 into it so I got my money's worth.

I was so excited to see a guy dressed as a jester. I admit I stalked him. I was hoping he'd come by for a juggling lesson but he never did. My first SCA persona was as a jester back when I was in college. My friend Ted knew me in college and took this photo of me in the very first garb I ever made (even the head piece).
Me in the '70s.

Wulfric the Jester

Woman in choli

Jester backview

Jester shoes and all.


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