Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost Project Day

I am really getting buried under unfinished fiber arts projects, so I just dragged several bags of them out to the patio to sort.

One was a scarf that was already done. I thought I still had to sew the ends in, but it's fringe, not loose threads. So I got that up and listed on Etsy here:

Next I have two knitted hats to finish. I wish I could sell them but they are from a copyrighted pattern on So one is for my boyfriend and one is for me.

Then there was the pumpkin hat I started for my grandson while I was traveling, but as most trips go, I didn't have time to finish knitting it.

And I'm working on a geometric knitting pattern that was for an afghan but I plan to use the shapes for hats, vests, and a jacket. So that is on the table too.

I'll add photos of the scarf.

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