Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Plethora of Projects

Yesterday I was busy as a bee finishing earrings for my Etsy shop. Then it got dark before I got all the photos. And I was spent after a long day crafting.

I also got some knitting done on my canopy cover. It's a big project so if I hit it once a day to move it along I won't stress over it.

Don't forget to enter the earring drawing I listed a few posts ago.

I just found out my niece is pregnant too. So that makes her, my daughter and two of my friends. It seems like there is one other person too. So I want to get busy with the baby booty knitting before it's too late. So much to do, I feel torn in many creative directions.

Oh, and I'm finishing a knitted sweater today. I swear the sun will not go down before I am wearing that darn sweater! I'm not putting it back in a bin to get lost again.

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