Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shorts, Plarn, and Crochet

I just updated my wardrobe website here:
In this heatwave I needed some shorts desperately. So I altered some pants and viola, instant shorts. Once you get to the website look for the daily blog.

I'm also busy working on a crocheted top hat with flowers on the sides.
And I'm making steady progress on my crocheted Plarn tote bag.

Sales have been so flat on Etsy, that I'm focusing on my writing instead. Last night I wrote an article on Plarn. I have to remember that just because I know about something, and most Etsy sellers know, that doesn't mean everyone in the universe knows, and it's good to have an article to send them to if they are curious. If you are a college student and short on cash, Plarn is a great free resource. You might even get to do a report on it for one of your classes. Or at the very least you can make your own slippers for wearing around the dorm.

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