Wednesday, July 07, 2010

PLARN and other projects

If you are new to my blog, welcome. I've been promoting it a lot lately, so hopefully people are dropping by, but I'll never know unless they leave a comment to say hi.

I'm almost done with my Plarn hat in shades of blue, gray, and yellow. I think I need two more rows of crochet on it.

I hit up Michael's and the dollar type store again today for more treasures. I got some erasers to carve. The best time to get these is in July and August when the back-to-school supplies hit the stores.

Someone on Etsy chided me for showing my earrings on 'Tupperware' so today I bought some dollar store wine glasses for photo props. Don't you just love unsolicited advice?

I got some yarn at Michael's to knit some socks with. And I got some more beads for a collar I'm almost done with.

I spent a lot of time today on my new upcycled wardrobe website. It's bringing me joy inside to know I'm saving some of my old favorite outfits from the landfill. The photos are of a dress I upcycled from an outfit I made in high school in the 70's. Now I'm glad I never threw it away.

I also made the necklace, the headband, and embellished the shoes.

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