Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Day of Making Things

My fortune cookie tonight said, "It's fun being a kid." They know me well don't they?

Today I had quite a battle of wills with my knitting project. I've dubbed it Albuquerque Sunset, after the place where I grew up. I love the Southwestern desert colors of orange, turquoise, rust, sand, pink, brown, and cactus green. It's done with a color graph and my eyes cannot follow which pink is which, so I abandoned the Kaffe color chart and started using my art skills to figure out the colors anyway. I love the green with the pink and the orange with the blue.

I went out to dinner tonight and got to wear my Plarn hat. I also recycled my plastic bottles. Go recycling! I came home with $13 for my gas tank.

I was sitting here chatting on Etsy with someone from China that had a million questions. Then the Etsy glitch got me where the room disappears off the room list, so no one new can come in, so the guy pretty much had me cornered. So I did what every crafter would do. I started crocheting another hat. This time in HomeSpun covered Bridge Red. Maybe I can wear the hat with the ponchini I'm knitting.

So I guess that's about it for art today. No sales to report.

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