Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bowyer's Bench, Knitting and Earrings

We were super busy today. Guy is making a bowyer's bench for making wooden bows. And he wanted me to help with the process as well as take photos. After over 2 hours of figuring out the plans, we gave it a rest for the day.

I also worked on a knitted wrap I am making on big circular needles.

I ordered some earrings from Karoger on Etsy. She recently had a heart transplant and is well enough to get her Etsy shop going again. So she made a custom pair of purple earrings for me.

I also bought some more earring supplies to make some earrings for sale or to wear. Not sure yet. If they come out really well I'll sell them. If they are just okay I'll wear them myself. I only want my best work on Etsy.

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