Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Three Projects

Jumbo circular needles

Bowyer's Bench

When I had breaks today from working on this bowyer's bench, I worked on my chicken hat I'm crocheting and a shrug I am knitting. No time to get bored around here, that's for sure. I was mostly doing the photos and helping balance wood while sawing. Plus we went to the hardware store for a drill bit, some finish for the bench and other necessities. We grabbed a quick lunch at a hot dog place and then it was back to work.

I think my marigolds are sprouting. I like to work on projects outside on the patio if the neighbor's aren't being too noisy. Then I can watch the sparrows eat and look for hummingbirds.

Some of the reeds I used for the atlatl darts were too skimpy, but if I tie 3 of them together it makes a decent support for the tomatoes. Scrap lumber I use to prop things up in the garden. I try not to waste anything.

Knitted shrug

My first chicken hat

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