Monday, June 21, 2010

Recovering From A Fun Weekend

After a long dry spell, I sold something over the weekend on Etsy. So I've been floating on a cloud of optimism all day. I just hope the post office delivers, and the buyer loves it, and we all live happily ever after.

I'm so tired from the weekend. I went to World Juggling Day/World Knit in Public Day on Sat. and our monthly Pasadena archery gathering on Sunday. I juggled, did atlatl, hula hooped, hiked to and from the truck about 99 times and generally didn't sit still for the whole weekend. Today I'm stiff, tired and a bit spacey. Somehow I took my bow and arrows both days and never managed to shoot a single arrow. I won some cotton yarn in the raffle on Sat. and also got some free yarn, needles and a knitting magazine. I was in the pictionary style contest and the card I drew was virgin wool. Good luck on drawing that! After much drawing and redrawing one guy finally got it! Not a woman, but a guy!

Yesterday I tried to make a five ball juggling video, but all I did was wear myself out, and then I was too tired to practice juggling today at all. I think I'll put in a good solid two weeks of five ball practice and then try again to make a video.

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