Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fourth of July is Coming Soon

I'm getting excited about the upcoming 4th of July.  I should make a mini top hat for it or something. I always wait until it's too late and then I wish I'd done it. My friend Theresa used to decorate her entire house and yard every 4th of July, even painting her mailbox to match.  She had the idealic house with the white picket fence, 2 miles from a CA beach. You can do things like that when you live alone. Which I never have. I've never been rich enough to live all by myself and decorate any way I wanted to.  I'd love to live in a little witch's cottage by myself.

Now that I think about it, I made a 4th of July hair fascinator last year. I wonder if I can find it in time. Probably quicker to just make something new. 

My friend has these fairy lights in his garden. They cycle through all the different colors and are solar powered.

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