Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Face Painting and Random Craft Activities

I got an unexpected lift to the craft store today. How could I turn that down? 

I got the black glitter I needed.  They had glitter kits on sale for $1 each, and each kit had 4 colors, so I got 3 of them (12 colors in all). It reminded me of face painting and how much I missed it.  So if you need a face painter in or near Anaheim, it's $150 for 2 hours. I'm even available on the 4th of July if you haven't booked anyone yet. I haven't even been advertising, so I have many weekends free to book a gig.  Just leave a comment below on how to reach you.

While shopping, I got a 'calligraphy like' set of rubber stamp initials too. And I got some more lovely seashells for wire wrapping on jewelry and suncatchers.

I've been asked to teach rubber stamp eraser carving at Great Western War.  I hope that works out because it's a great opportunity for me. They don't pay their teachers, but it's great publicity if I do a good job.

Here I am in the photo reading at the library yesterday.

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