Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brave Archery Event in Pasadena

We had so much fun making necklaces last Sunday. I could tell some of the kids had never used a rubber stamp in their lives. Oh the things we take for granted. For an ink pad I had one made for metal. It was a deep brown color. Even though I bought it some time ago it was wrapped in plastic and super saturated. Now I'm a big fan of buying ink pads wrapped in plastic. I put brown paper on the table, so the kids could try out the stamp on the paper first before stamping it on the leather. I probably gave out 50 necklaces and only 2 came out so poorly I let the kids make another one.  Usually they thought they had to press really hard.  But leather is spongy and requires a light touch. After the child stamped the art, I punched a hole with a leather hole punch, pulled the string through with a crochet hook, made a lark's head knot, and strung a bead on each end.  I let the kids choose their bead color out of a little bowl I had made of pine needles.

Unfortunately I was too busy working to take photos of the kids making the necklaces. But here are some photos of the event.

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