Saturday, June 09, 2012

Stamping on Leather

It's been a busy last two days. I made 2 leather pouches, all sewn by hand.  Then at the last minute I decided to do a make and take for kid's at tomorrow's Brave archery event in Pasadena. I thought kids 7 and over could handle stamping on a bit of leather and making a necklace out of it. I was just going to make one or two stamps, and then I ended up making 6.
Cat paw print, lightning, arrowhead, star, bow and arrow, moon

The pouches are done except for some sort of fastener, and optional beadwork. I was so excited about doing a pouch demo, and then I got more excited about the kid's having something they could take home as a memento, like a necklace.  I'll still display the pouches, but I'll need to help the kid's assemble the necklaces. Unless someone volunteers to help me, but I think most of the other Paleoplanet guys are going to be working on bows.

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