Sunday, June 17, 2012

Archery and Fencing

It was a fantastic weekend. I was surrounded by creative interesting people all busy doing things they love. That makes the energy so contagious.  How many times can you see archery, sword fighting, fencing, weaving, costuming, harp playing and juggling all in one place? I took 174 photos. And that was just on Sat. I took more on Sunday but the camera is buried in the car.

On Sat. I worked on leather pouches.  I juggled for World Juggling Day. But mostly I just schmoozed with people.

Juggling for World Juggling Day
Lorenzo and Charles duel.
The front and back of the leather pouch I made on Sat.

Jim tillering his first board bow while Guy helps mark the places that still need to be shaved.

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