Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drawing With Felt Tipped Pens

Most of the time I don't like my drawings.  I never know if I should show the failures, because then I think others will know artists don't just wake up one day drawing perfect renderings. Drawing is hard, it's tedious, it's frustrating, but it's necessary. So here are my 2 drawings from yesterday. The first was supposed to be a fashion illustration. The second was a couple from a magazine page. I was real excited about the 2nd one because I liked the way the woman came out.  But I don't draw men that often, and he came out with a too small head and the mouth and teeth are just plain weird.

I don't usually draw with markers, but they are used a lot in fashion illustration so I thought I'd try at least. Plus I was drawing at McDonald's and they've gotten rid of their background music which I could tune out, and replaced it with the 'McDonald's TV channel' which drones on and on w/ local news and blurts of the McDonald's theme song. I just can't focus when there is conversation on a TV. So I'm not going to hang out there anymore. I need another place close enough to walk to.

It looks like I'm going to have to spend a lot more time drawing men.

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