Saturday, June 02, 2012

Dollar Heaven Opens

I took some yarn and a hook with me while we went to get something in Torrance, and got a good bit done on a new slouch cap. Then we swung by the bank in Buena Park, CA on the way home, and I was happy to see the new Dollar Heaven store was open next to Target. I made out in the office supplies department.  I got a circle template that came in a set of rulers.  I would have happily paid a dollar for just the template.  I got another pencil holder. And a library style date stamp to replace the one I lost that came with a stamp pad.

I also found a thick t-shirt in my size in lavender. It was the only color they had so I just got the one. If I was set up to do silk screen right now I would have bought all of them. But I'm trying to downsize in case we have to move.

I'm not a huge Disney fan, but now with the thought of leaving CA I suddenly feel like buying all things CA. So I bought this distressed style art of Mickey on a tote bag. It's just the right size to take a book, a journal, and a sweater with me on my walks.

I got 2 cool retractable pens as well.  That way maybe my pens won't walk off at events. And 2 skeins of yellow yarn for a summery hat.

This is the kind of retail therapy I can afford.

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