Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Writing On the Wall

Yesterday a monkey wrench landed in my world. I saw a man taking photos of the apartments and when asked about it he said, "I really can't tell you if the owner is selling the apartment complex. (Face palm). If so, this will be our fourth new owner. Which means they will have to show the apts. Which means we might have to move. At any rate, either way it diverts me from working, and then I have to go into packing, fixing, cleaning mode. What a PITA. And right before Christmas too. At least we got a heads up. If we waited for the landlord to tell us, it would be the phone call at 8 AM telling us someone needed to come in the apt. at 10:00. If past actions can be believed, he doesn't follow the 24 hour notice laws.


Blakenetizen said...

well that's pretty shitty! I hope the new year brings u nice new place and a better new landlord :)

F. Z. Harper said...

Me too believe me.