Monday, December 26, 2011

Paint Then Crochet Then Paint Then Crochet

Today I got to paint outdoors in a patch of sunlight using my new easel. I tried to finish the painting I started Sunday Dec. 18, 2011 at the archery range. I can't believe after painting daily for over a month I spent a week and didn't paint at all. That's what holidays do to a schedule. I still have to add the finishing touches to the painting but here it is so far. I'm glad I got to finish one of these more complicated paintings. 

The rest of today I worked on the monster sweater I'm crocheting.  I've been having technical difficulties with getting the rows to line up. I think I finally figured out what is going wrong, but there is no turning back now.  No matter how many years I've been crocheting (since 5th grade), I still get lost following a pattern sometimes. So here is a photo.  Yes, crochet is messy during the process, especially when you use a lot of colors.

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