Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Yarn

When we walked into Joann's Fabrics today I went a little nuts when I saw most of their yarn was on a BOGO sale. I'm supposed to be using up yarn, not buying more. I had a moment of temporary insanity and went home with a tote bag full of yarn. I wanted to get shades of white for a white on white vest I want to knit.  Plus I got some teal for the current vest I'm knitting. I went in their for one skein of  yarn.  I should have known better. Ack!

Then we went to a t-shirt store because I want to paint or somehow decorate new t-shirts for myself.  I thought I could live with the price of 3 shirts for $10.  Unfortunately that price only covers up to size 1X and I'm 2X, so I had to pay $5. each for mine. That's still a good deal but probably not the wisest buying decision right now when my income is so low. I still live with the delusion that I'll be able to sell things on Etsy and pay for my craft supplies. When has that ever worked out for me?

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