Monday, April 12, 2010

Recovering from a fun filled and hectic weekend

I had an awesome time at the SCA Collegium. I'll post some of the photos. I learned a lot. I took 3 performing arts classes, and 2 illumination classes and a class on Japanese cord braiding. There are literally thousands of designs you can do with the cord braiding. I'm pretty tired today and have family driving down tonight, so like it or not I better get some unpacking and uncluttering done or my daughter won't fit in the door. Plus we are unpacking from the archery tournament my boyfriend just got back from. He had an awesome time too but I think what we both need is a very long nap.

Lot sharing bardic tips.

The two bardic arts teachers.

Cat taught spinning.

Me with the Japanese braiding contraption

Me on Sunday before the classes begin.

Maeb Renata teaching the diapering class. Is there anything this woman cannot do? She also juggles and knits.

Other students in the scroll diapering class

This was my practice diapering.

Mine is on the left. The designs I got from the teacher are on the right.

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