Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nine Patch Embellished T-shirt #3

In my first college quilting class back in the '70's we did a 9 patch block. So I've always been fond of them. I decided to put one on a t-shirt today for my third shirt. It came out okay, but next time I'll use fusible interfacing to position it before sewing. I used straight pins and I think it shifted a little. I had in mind to zig-zag stradling the edges but my machine refused. I guess it was the combination of stretchy t-shirt fabric and non-stretchy woven fabric. So I ripped that out and did a straight 1/8" edge stitch instead. Then I stitched an 'x' through each square for the quilting. I look forward to doing more like this.

This was a new shirt, but if you have stains in the center of an old shirt, this is a great cover-up.

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