Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colored Knitting and Some Tatting

I saw an interesting knitting demo on TV which lead me to grab my book on stitch patterns and getting to work on a multicolored bit of knitting. With any luck I'll be able to use my swatch for a hat or something when I'm done. I like it so far but as it's getting late and my eyes are tired I set it down for another day.

Today consisted of cleaning and shopping for our camping trip this weekend but I did manage to get some tatting done.

I also got started on a green and gold cord with the Japanese braiding. I hope to take that camping with me. I may take my knitting loom as well. I'll never get a book written on loom knitting if I don't get some more projects designed. Every time I see a book on loom knitting I can't help thinking that could have been my book.

shuttle tatting

spiral cordage

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