Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paleoplanet T-shirt

Yesterday I worked on t-shirt #2. It was a Paleo theme for It was hand drawn with Sharpie markers and a Marks-a-Lot permanent marker. This time I used an older t-shirt that has seen better days to give it some new life. That way it stays out of the landfill, I can still wear it, and I don't have to worry about the drawing not being perfect. Shirts like this are a good choice for parties, where you can hand them around to each other and everyone can add a doodle or two. They are great for going away parties too. Everyone can sign them and add a little art.

I particularly like the way the cave horse and the mammoth came out. Remember to click on photos to see the larger view and details. To make fabric easier to draw on, I put foam core inside (or cardboard) and then secure the shirt in the back with a few rubber bands to hold the surface taut.

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